Crazy New Extreme Sport: paramotor pilots racing over Dubai ! (SkyRacers)

Simple technology. These should been out before airplanes.

The world’s best freestyle paramotor pilots sky racing round a ground skimming aerial race course. Swooping round pylons, under bridges while racing milliseconds against the clock.

This was shot in Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Paramotor is a generic name for the propulsive portion of a powered paraglider ("PPG"). It consists of a frame that combines the motor, propeller, harness (with integrated seat) and cage. It provides two attachment points for the risers of a paraglider wing that allows for powered flight.

Pilots who fly these engage in paramotoring, also known as powered paragliding. The pilot controls thrust via a hand-held throttle and steers using the paraglider's brake toggles similar to sport parachutists.

One of the best examples of the sport in action is the Parabatix Sky Racers; an air racing event using paramotors to race round pylons right in front of spectators.



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