Best pole dance performed by a man - Octavian Stoica

Incredible pole dance performed by a man at Romanians Got Talent.

"The flyer" Octavian Stoica from Chisinau demonstrated that the limits of the human body and the talent are still far from being known.

Amazing stuff, watch this outstanding male pole dancing performance. This is one of the best pole dance performed by a man I' ve ever seen. It's amazing what he could do and the ease with which seems to perform movements.

Young Bessarabian does not have only an extraordinary talent, but also a story strewn by tragedy and hardship, but also a fantastic determination. Although he grew up without a father, and his mother died right before his eyes, Octavian took over all the obstacles that arose in its path.

The World's best Parkour and Freerunning - 2013

This is the World’s Best Parkour and Freerunning from 2013. Some guys show off best parkour and freerunning skills. Most of them are very dangerous and risky, and take lots of practice.

Parkour's training methods have inspired a range of other activities, including freerunning. Although their creators define them as separate activities, practitioners and non-practitioners alike often find it difficult to discern the differences between them.

Parkour is a holistic training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. Parkour can include obstacle courses, running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, quadrupedal movement, and the like, depending on what movement is deemed most suitable for the given situation.

Freerunning (or free running) is the art of expressing oneself in his or her environment without limitation of movement. It is a martial discipline founded by Sébastien Foucan, who wrote a book on the subject. Foucan started what he termed "freerunning" in 2003, which he developed as a more inclusive form of parkour, but having more acrobatic-like movements added.

Truck trial Tatra 813 8x8 - Extreme downhill eight-wheel drive

Truck trial Tatra 813 8x8 extreme downhill video from Czech truck trial race.

Eight-wheel drive Tatra trucks fit for World War III drive down cliffs into piles of mud and make farting noises.

Tatra T813 was a truck produced in Czechoslovakia by the Tatra company.

The first prototype already built in 1960 utilized existing Tatra T138 assemblies in 4x4 full-time all-wheel drive, which was also another first for Tatra. After the initial trials however the designers decided to develop and expand the concepts onto 8x8 all-wheel-drive all-terrain vehicle. The basis of the design thus became the modular chassis of T813. Successor is the Tatra T815 model.

Charter bus driving through a narrow rock tunnel - experienced professional driver

How narrow an opening can you fit a bus through? This guy did what seemed impossible! I agree... I wouldn't want to try this!

This is a video that will fill you up with ‘wow’ and ultimate respect for the driver who showed precision and courage! It is a footage recorded by a tourist at a spot at the Pine Needles Highway, South Dakota. It starts out as a video trying to capture the expected disastrous result of the foolishness of a charter bus driver, who is trying to drive the bus through a really narrow rock tunnel, in order to pass through to the other side. The recorder is constantly trying to ridicule the whole ordeal because from the look of it, it does not seem possible for a gigantic bus to make it through a mile of a narrow stone tunnel with hairpin turns! But to his surprise, with a little bit of deliberation (since the sound of the engine can be heard loudly) the bus is moving, without getting stuck—one little step at a time. You can see, within a matter of few minutes, how beautifully the driver makes it out of the tunnel without any jolts, scratches or even knocking the mirror off! This obviously seems like his daily activity because he drives like a perfect expert of tunnels and buses! Just when the driver makes it out of the tunnel, all the passengers cheer him on loudly and the recorder ends it by saying that he would not have believed it if he did not see it with his own two eyes!

How to make a Swedish fire torch, also known as a Canadian candle

Here's a very simple way to create a fire from a single log perfect for cooking, or just long-lasting warmth.

The Swedish Fire Torch is easy to build, takes up a small amount of space and is also a good fire to make in snow, as the main part of the construction is kept off the wet ground.

The Swedish Fire Torch, also known as a Canadian Candle, is a great way to set up a fire as it uses only one log, has a flat cooking surface and is self feeding, meaning it can burn for several hours without any attention.

It's known that during the Thirty Years War that took place in Europe 1618 - 1648 also the soldiers used these torches for heating, lighting and cooking.

Once established, the fire can burn freely without any further attention.

How to make unique wooden lamp shades - Soren woodturner

A very quick clip to show the process Soren goes through when making one of his unique wooden lamp shades.

Before you write a negative comment about the waste of wood, please realize , this is fast growing pine, it had already been cut down to be used as firewood, the centre of the log is sap wood and is very poor quality, and all the wood chips are reused in another way, for heating, or in the garden. Looks very simple but it is not. If you are not careful you can ruin it in the end.

To achieve this final result you need special tools, skill and experience.

Soren is a woodturner / inventor / teacher with 35 years at the lathe. We hope you enjoy a small glimpse into making one of his shades.

Assassin's Creed Meets Parkour in Real Life - Parkour/Free Running stunts performed by Ronnie Shalvis

Parkour has been around for quite a while now, but it wasn’t until recently that it hit the mainstream. Skilled freerunner Ronnie Shalvis decided to show off the amazing things you can do with the discipline by combining it with Assassin’s Creed.

Ronnie’s moves are so smooth that what he’s doing almost looks like a piece of cake. Almost. Hit the break to check out the video and see for yourself.

Cinematographer Devin Graham, known as DevinSuperTramp has created a video that combines the movement within the Assassin’s Creed series with today’s world. This is the first Assassin’s Creed parkour video he has done.

DevinSuperTramp has also done other video game related videos with popular musicians, covering popular game franchises such as Nintendo’s flagship fantasy series, The Legend of Zelda, and Microsoft’s Halo.

Super Sega Brothers dancing on Molly song - extraordinary dancing and synchronization

These guys are extremely talented and have put our previous entrees under intense pressure by raising the benchmark. Now this is what i call real talent.

Super Sega Brothers is a talented duo who are brilliant at dancing. They recently shot a video in which they perform on the new hit song by Tyga and Wiz Khalifa called Molly.The Super Sega Brothers are a couple of individuals who have more than seen Molly, they have featured in the official ‘Molly’ video. You just gotta watch their steps.

The Super Sega Brothers are from Miami, USA and their impeccable dance moves first caught the attention of Premiere One in a video which they hosted on their YouTube channel which inevitably led to the entertainment company’s invitation to participate in the exciting video dance competition

They are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with on the international dance scene and recently uploaded an exclusive video of the dance moves that are taking the world by storm on the Premiere One YouTube channel (

Train dancing crew - Youth dance talent on the New York City subway (train/metro)

These dudes have crazy upper body strength. Certainly they have talent and they trained a lot.

It's amazing how this kids dancing on the New York City subway (train/metro) in a place such narrow.

These guys could never find space to do this in China Subway! Enjoying life ! Gotta watch this!

Normally, when you ride the NYC subway and someone comes in from another train car, either they're bums, homeless people, people selling candy or just crappy performers. This is an exception and they were actually pretty good!

10 Amazing bets you will always win (part 4)

After we presented you 10 Amazing bets you will always win (part 1) , 10 Amazing bets you will always win (part 2) and 10 Amazing bets you will always win (part 3)  it is time to move on to some more cool tricks from Richard Wiseman Quirkology  tricks with which you can make money if you learn them and challenge your friends. In the next few weeks we will present you all other videos from this series. So stay tuned and watch them.

As I said, this is a great series from the genuis mind of Richard Wiseman (Quirkology) and it's def worth watching. Some of these tricks are amazing and you can even fool or impress your friends at a party. Look carefully, train yourself, remember them and show others how good you are :) . Just hope your friends never took physics in high school or college.